Hey there!  I’m Becca Cole: a freelance content writer based in New Hampshire.

Why should you hire me?  Well…

  • I’ve produced content for brands that make people say corny things like, “Fun read Becca!  Thanks for sharing, sounds like an amazing trip.  You’ve got a way with words.”
  • I have a background in technical writing, and a love for copywriting.  It only took four years as a chemical engineering undergraduate to realize that the right brain needs lovin’ too!
  • English is my first language.  Let me know if you’re interested in poorly written French, Spanish, or German and I’ll whip something up.  Please.  No.  Don’t do this to either of us.
  • I’m as organized, detail oriented, and punctual as they come.  My high school math teacher once said, “If I ever need brain surgery, I want you to be the doctor.”  Moving on…
  • Communication is key.  And that is why I pride myself in fast response times and transparency.
  • I’m fun, young, and not jaded [yet] so catch me while I’m fresh!  Don’t worry…I think I have a long expiration date.

More About Me

Things I like:

  • Traveling up, down, and across mountains by foot at mountain goat speed.
  • Ice cream.  But also, broccoli.
  • Over-loving pets.
  • Over-watering plants.
  • Trail running.  Sometimes for disturbingly long distances (ultramarathons, woo!).
  • Exploring new cities/countries by foot and finding the most delicious food.

Things I don’t like:

  • The thought of Adele and Adam Levine singing a duet.
  • The person who owns beccacole.com.
  • Overly air-conditioned grocery stores.
  • The fact that toenails can fall off.  Evolutionarily speaking, why do we still have them at all?
  • Unorganized, untimely people.  Get it together.