Unfortunately (for me and anyone that comes into contact with me) I’m two different people in the winter and summer. Or should I say winter and spring/summer/fall… Basically, I just struggle with winter. I’m totally down for a nice month of blizzards, slippers, snowshoes, and tea. But after that month…I’m OUT. In southern New Hampshire we get some epic storms, but a sizable portion of the winter is comprised of blustery, bleak, below zero, no snow, no hope days. Anyone else struggle with this? I think there’s a term for it. Seasonal depression. Ahh yes. I’m definitely in that club.

Given how strongly I detest the winter months, you can only imagine how desperately I hang on to our short, sweet summer. Just when you’re getting the hang of sunscreen and tying off the boat – BAM – it’s August 23rd. How? What? Excuse me? This can’t be. I swear I was wearing four sweaters and going to bed at 7:00 PM just yesterday.

But it’s time to face reality. It IS August 23rd. And next week I leave for a two-week trip to the Alps. When I return we’ll be halfway through September. You know what that means? It’s fall. And you KNOW what that means? It’s almost winter. SO, that being said, I’m in full summer freak out mode. It’s time to put together a clichéd summer bucket list and do alllll the summer activities that I somehow have not met my quota for thus far.

Here are my summer bucket list items that I have lined up for the next few days.


I’m headed to Fire Island tomorrow and you can bet I’ll be lounging and reading at the beach all weekend. I grew up on the beach in Maine and I’m pretty sure I’m part fish.

Biking + Rollerblading

Do yourself a favor and get a bike that’s fun and comfortable to ride. I just upgraded to a Bianchi Cortina. What a game changer. All of a sudden I LOVE biking. The seat is super big and the upright handlebars save you from all those road bike knots in your neck. And I bet you’re thinking “who rollerblades?” This girl. All day. Every day.

Kayaking + SUP

I’ve only been paddling twice this summer. It’s not my favorite physical activity, but I really do enjoy exploring the nearby coast. It’s like flipping through a Coastal Maine magazine with the added benefit of vitamin D.

Outdoor Dinners

Somehow when I’m tired and hungry I forget about the option of eating outdoors. August and September are perfect months for this; the bugs have finally died down a bit. That being said, I’ll be hitting our porch and hopefully the beach. When I was a kid we’d take subs down to the beach on blistering hot days. Reliving those nights has a sweet spot in my heart.


I can’t get enough time on boats. The fresh air. The sunshine. The happy boaters. It’s summer at it’s finest. I’ll be cramming in all the tubing and salty, sunset cocktail hours I can get.

Fresh Produce

August is THE month for farmers markets and produce in general. Eating a fresh, nutritious meal has never been so easy. I just went to the Portland, Maine farmers market last weekend with my mom and I think we spent about $100,000. Worth it.

Ice Cream

No summer bucket list is complete without ice cream. Soon all the little shops will be closing up and I’ll be left to the ice cream aisle at the grocery store sullenly dreaming of warmer days. And rainbow sprinkles.

Welp, that’s my summer bucket list. Do you have yours?

Ready. Set. Go.

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